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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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low 80s. they were so far below yesterday it makes sense. we will rebound today. 50s 60s and 70s coast and bay. and then 80s inland. here is tara. right now we are take a look at the east shore freeway. things are looking good for your monday morning. there it is the east shore freeway as you head toward the mccarthur maze or the headlight there is everything looking good. up next in san rafael i will look through 101 traffic also looking good there at the 580 split. finally 880 your traffic is also moving right along. 4:30 let's head back to the desk. new information this morning on the 19-year-old man shot and killed by san francisco police in the bay view district over the weekend. the coroners office has identified him as kenneth harding. ktvu christian captain is live now with the seattle shooting harding may be connected to. >> reporter: we will start off with a look at the growing memorial to 19-year-old kenneth
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harding here at the intersection of third street and oak dale. let's show you the scene where all of this began. the running gun battle through the san francisco bay. overnight ktvu learned harding was wanted in connection of a murder of 19-year-old tania gilbert out of seattle. she was shot and killed last wednesday. it was reported that gilbert was pregnant but the coroners office says she was not. police say harding is the man seen on the ground in a you tube video that came out over the weekend. san francisco police say they shot and killed him when he took off after officers tried to stop him on the muni platform. he started firing at him. officers could not find the gun. people in the area were outraged. a lot of the people here in the bay view said police could not
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find the gun. >> until they find a gun he don't have no gun. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon i spoke with police chief greg sur that told me officers did find that gun on saturday night and it was thanks in tips to community members. >> the rounds he fired at the officers those have to go somewhere. >> reporter: now san francisco police are working with seattle police trying to see if the officer involved shooting here is connected to that homicide up there in seattle. we'll can't to monitor this story and bring you the latest. for now we are live in san francisco christian captain. police in richmond are investigating a double homicide. a man and woman are dead and a third victim is fight for his life. paul chambers is live now. paul. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we are getting very limited
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information. i did get new information about this. this is what i can tell you what we do know. we have two people that are dead as you said. police got a call around 2:15. once on scene they found two people have been shot. i can tell you the male and female were in their 30s. police took a third victim to the hospital who is a female. she is expected to survive. as of right now police do not have any suspects. they are also looking at a shooting that happened about 30 minutes prior and a couple miles away that happened around 9:45. police found a 23-year-old man suffering of a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. of course i will stay on top of this and mind out more and bring you the latest as it develops. live in richmond i'm paul chambers. also overnight three people are hurt in a shooting in san jose. police say it happened shortly
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before midnight on green any avenue. the extent of their injuries are not known. the long-time girlfriend of a marin county man is back home. a large wave swept david potts away while he was vacationing with friends and family in moi wee. his girlfriend wanted to stay in hawaii until his body was recovered but she had to return home to deal with another crisis. she has stage four breast cancer. >> it's so hard right now to focus on anything but missing david. he was everything to me. >> the preschoolteacher says she's also dealing with the intense pain of having to raise their infant son alone. oakland police have identified a person of interest in the case of a 21-year-old woman who's burning body was found in a rockwood district.
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police have not released the name of the person of interest. or any details. friends and family held a fundraiser yesterday. they washed cars at the east lake ymca. the money will go toward funeral costs and a trust fund for his one-year-old son. another weekend search for a missing nursing student michelle le has turned up empty. more than 100 volunteers combed rural areas in the east bay friday and saturday. some of the searchers came as far away as florida. 26-year-old le was last seen on may 27th at kaiser hospital in hayward. coming up the mystery at a san diego mansion. we'll have more on two deaths within one week at the home of a pharmaceutical ceo.
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this week's buzz word in washington. cup, cap, and -- cut cap, and balance. cut federal spending. cap spending to 18% and call for a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budgets. >> cut cap and balance gets us out of debt over a long period of time. it will have a balance the budget amendment to stay out of debt. i think that will be the republican position. >> but it's unlikely the republican proposal will pass in the senate. many insiders believe the backup plan by senate majority leader mitchell mcconnell will be the one to resolve this impasse. that plan would allow president obama to raise the debt limit without congressional approval. this morning san francisco's city attorney will file a lawsuit over damage to muni buses. dennis claims cbs outdoors damaged the buses when they applied and removed advertising displays. he says that goes against the
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2004 contract that requires contractors reimburse any damage done. the city is asking for more than 100,000. in los angeles the 405 freeway is back open. you can see the cars moving along. in fact, that 405 opened yesterday morning. partial demolition got done earlier. >> so the sacrifices, the burdens that we share now will have dividends going into the future. >> cal tran will finish demolition of the bridge next year. that will force the 405 to shut down again. it's all to make way for new car pool lanes. drivers on parts of interstate 680 will notice something different. metering lights will be
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activated at 6:00. transportation officials hope the lights will reduce traffic and congestion during the interstate. those lights will be green this week to warn drivers about the change and will go into operation next monday. time now is 4:37. tara moriarty is in for sal this morning. things are looking pretty good. >> that is right. your roadways are looking pretty clear. unlike yesterday if you were coming in from lake tahoe there were a lot of cars out on the roadway. let's take a live look here at highway 4 through bay point. you can see westbound traffic moving right along as you drive toward concord. up next the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a little bit of backup there. not too bad. we will keep an eye on that. finally 280 near san jose traffic pretty much nonexistent here. >> i see one car there. >> two i see two. >> okay thank you. a little system spinning if you are watching the northwest
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california. as it plows in at a very unseasonally strong low it has dipped in. maybe mendocino county north you would be in line for more clouds. the mere fact it's in northwest california is impressive. yesterday we maxed out on the low clouds and fog. nothing compared to what we saw yesterday. low 50s to upper 50s. 51 santa rosa. 53 livermore. 58 oakland one of the warmest. west at nine at sfo. it's lifting northeast. we are on the southern edge of it. it will prevent us from warming up today. it will keep temperatures below average. slightly warmer for a few. the extended outlook does show gradual warming as the low moves out which would be tonight and tomorrow. it looks like high pressure would want to build in. there is no consensus on it.
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it does look a little warmer inland. today sunny and breezy in patchy fog and a little warmer. more clouds to the north. 70s for many. a few very, very low 80s. and the five-day does have some high clouds maybe to the north. overall mostly sunny today. more change as we go into tuesday or wednesday. 9:does look warmer as we head to -- it does look warmer as we head war the end of the week. scary moments at a canadian musical festival. what made a stage come crashing down. here's a lock at 101 through san francisco your traffic is moving right along for your monday but windy. we'll show you other spots coming up.
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good morning, only patchy fog but there will be high clouds. especially toward the north bay. overall 50-70s. a little sunshine today south and east. highs still running below average. volatile volcano in indonesia continues erupt this morning. it spewed ash 2,000 feet in the air within 30 minutes today. some 5,000 people near the mountain have been relocated to
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safer areas. general david petraeus handed over forces in afghanistan today to general john allen. petraeus steps down after one year in charge of 140,000 international troops in the country. he's retiring from the army to become director of the cia. he will see the draw down of u.s. forces that started earlier this month. under scoring the continued violence in afghanistan while the hand over ceremony was taking place in kabul. three native troops were killed. nato did not identify the nationalities of the troops killed. most of the troops in the east are american. police near san diego are investigating two deaths at the mansion of a pharmaceutical ceo. six-year-old mack died yesterday almost a week after falling down the stairs of the mansion of his father. two days after the boy's fall, jonas' girlfriend was found dead hanging nude from a
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balcony with her hands and feet bound. they have not ruled out suicide in the girlfriend's death and have not found a connection between the two. neighbors are concerned. >> it's a surprise absolutely. we think of ourselves as a sleepy little town like pleasantville. it's quite a shock. >> reporter: he's the founder and ceo of medicine corporation. oakland police are investigating two separate deadly incidents over the weekend. it happened near 57th and los angeles street. that is close to the emery vail border. they found a victim that died of injuries during a robbery. later saturday night a man was shot found inside a vehicle near 19th and west street. police responded to that area after reports of gunfire. 28-year-old donald robinson was taken to a hospital and
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pronounced dead. witnesses say a loan gunman was responsible for the shoot -- a lone gunman was responsible for the shooting. two have been offered counseling after they gave them the wrong babies. the id bracelets were not checked against the mother's id bracelets on friday. the women breast fed the wrong babies before the mistake was caught. a family member of one of the mothers noticed something was wrong and told staff. casey anthony remains in hiding this morning. her whereabouts known to only a trusted few. the 25-year-old was released from prison shortly after midnight yesterday. jurors acquitted her of killing her toddler daughters sparking outrage among some people. anthony's lawyer says her supporters are exploring a number of options for her future but he would not give any specifics. there were terrifying moments for fans attending a cheap trick concert in ottawa last night. a severe thunderstorm produced gail force winds and that
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caused the stage to collapse. the band members were able to race to safety. but five members standing below were seriously hurt. the ban is fine and the band is hoping for a speedy recovery for fans that were hurt. a fire station in texas has been destroyed by a fire. nearby firefighters had to respond to the station in alaska. they were too late to save the stations equipment. that department is funded mainly on donation. a nearby fire department is lending a fire truck to that station. there is no word what started that fire. almost two dozen san jose firefighters laid off last year will be back on the job. the 22 firefighters accepted their positions back last week thanks to a federal grant. today they will be given a refresher course before returning to regular duty.
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japan's surprise -- japan surprised soccer fans from around the world. the u.s. scored go ahead goals twice in the second half of that title match and both times japan caught up and that acceptability the game to penalty kicks. the u.s. players just could not convert. japan was many fans sentimental favorite after they recovered. >> it was great. we had such a hard time. >> it could not have been more exciting. until the very end it was just a nail biter. i don't know how they could have stretched it out any further. >> even many american fans say look if the u.s. couldn't win, having japan win was the next best thing.
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japan is the first asian country to win the world cup. with japan's win secretary of state hillary clinton had to pay up with a friendly wager. she owes the mayor apples. the 25th annual aid walk in san francisco has just raised a little more than $3 million. an estimated 25,000 people walked the six mile course through golden gate park yesterday. it has been 30 years since the first aids cases were reported in the u.s.. people shared their personal reasons for us in taking part in this event. >> i have family and friends who have dealt with hiv, aids. for me it's something to give back to them and walk for all of their cause. >> money raised is going to go to bay area aids programs and services since 1987 the aids walk san francisco has raised
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more than $77 million. time now is 4:49. it's parents verses grandparents. the new study that reveals who kids are safer where when in the car. dozens of teenagers from across the country are heading to japan today. the special program in memory of two victims of the earthquake and tsunami.
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the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all. new york state police say a tire blowout may have caused a deadly tour bus crash. two people were killed. 35 others were injured. the tour bus was headed from washington, d.c. to niagara falls when it smashed into a wooden median. the deadly crash is the latest in a recent string of tour bus crashes on the east coast. several intersections in the bay area will have new traffic signs up. it's part of an effort by all
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state insurance. they have identified spot with the most motorcycle collisions. they will install yellow signs with black motorcycle silhouette saying look. signs are also being installed in several other cities across the country. children may be safer in cars driven by their grandparents. 1% of kids are injured while riding in cars with their parents behind the wheel. the risk is seven tenths of one percent. the difference was bigger when researchers took into account factors like not using car seats or driving older model cars. time now is 4:43. the roads look good but tara is watching the bridges. we have a little bit of backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's really not that bad. in san francisco let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. there are no delays. does look a little misty out
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there. further south if you are heading to hayward this is the san mateo bridge. finally down in the south bay 237 near milpitas still a little dark out there. no worries. 4:53 let's check in with steve. >> it has been a very cool pattern in place. it looks like it will hang around for another day or two as the low pressure has developed along the pacific northwest. it has dipped into northern california. light rain being reported up around cent city. today some high clouds possible to the north. a little breezy. a lot of 60s and and 70s. maybe a low 80 or two. santa clara valley. parts of the east bay. you can see that. for this time of year you don't see a low that deep. temperatures that low cloud deck moved way inland. there is still patchy low clouds. nothing cam paired to the coverage we had yesterday. it's the main system that is going to dominate our weather
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for a day or two. 54 redwood city. 57 san jose. can't get rid of the sea breeze yet it's still there. again a very strong system. it looks like it will put on the breaks right there and eject toward the north east. fog, sun, higher clouds to the north. mostly sunny to the south. and as that low moves out, by the end of the week high pressure showing signs of building back in. we should get back to normal. maybe slightly above. patchy fog sunny. a few high clouds again northward. 50 to low 80s. it looks like it will happen but slowly. so today fog fair. fair means few high clouds further north. not much has changed tuesday into wednesday. it does look like inland temps will creep back. a heat wave in the midwest shows no signs of ending.
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at target field in minneapolis free water stations were set up to help baseball fans stay cool. excessive heat warnings from in effect in two dozen states. oklahoma city could see 28th straight day of triple digit temperatures. extreme heat will reach the east coast by weeks end. more flights canceled from denver today. the airline says it's working to rent planes from other airlines to make up for the canceled departures. frontier canceled 37 flights. southwest says three of its planes were damaged by hail but it didn't need to cancel flights because it has such a large fleet. a group of teenagers leave for japan today from san francisco as part of a special exchange program. 32 high school students from around the u.s. had to study the language and culture for two weeks. they were members of the japan
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and teaching program also known as jet. >> it is very sad, but i'm grateful that something good come out of it and we're able to do this. it's just a dream of mine. i know it's a dream of other kids here. >> the students will stay with families in oh sack coo. immersing themselves in the culture. time now 4:56. a new development in the discrimination case against u.s. airways. what protestors at sfo will be asking for today. investigation continues into a deadly officer involved shooting in san francisco. the suspects connection to another crime in seattle.
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we'll take to the memorial for the man that was shot by san francisco police and tell you the out of state homicide connection. new development in the saggy pants discrimination case against u.s. airways. the demand the naacp has made for airline executives. housing crunch at san jose state. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news.


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